Avon, IN

Smokey Bones

We are honored to be a part of the new AVON, IN Smokey Bones project. Elevating their experience with a HVAC system that is fully integrated and remotely controlled. When they came to us, they were looking for reliable and forward thinking HVAC system and that is what we are giving them! Opening first quarter 2022! #GetElevated
Utica, MI

Smokey Bones

We are proud to be a part of the new UTICA, MI Smokey Bones project. Smokey Bones is focused on the customer experience and that is what we are focused on giving them. An HVAC system with the latest and greatest technology that is RELIABLE year round! Opening 2022

Boston Market

Seelbach Design is excited to announce that we are joing team Boston Market! We are pumped to be helping out with stores throughout the Southeast.  We are honored and look forward to working with this legendary brand!


Taco Bell

We are excited to be working with Sailormen Taco Bell in the wonderful state of Florida. We are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to working with this wonderful franchisee. 



Seelbach Design is juiced to be working with this beloved brand!  Its an honor to be working with a standard bearer in the franchisee world and we couldn’t be more excited! Looking forward to many projects with Wendy’s!

Florida, Tennesee


Pumped to be working side by side with the colonel! Working with the “Tasty Chicken” franchisee on their stores found across the country! Its a privilege and an honor, thank you for your trust!

Florida / Georgia 


 Seelbach Design is working with one of the largest franchisee’s in the Popeye’s world, Sailormen.  We will be working on their ground ups, remodels and changeouts.  This is a huge partnership with a respected franchisee and we couldnt be more excited!

Tasty Hut Locations Throughout the South

Pizza Hut

Seelbach Design is excited to be working with a couple of great franchises within the Pizza Hut world, Tasty Hut and GPS Hospitality. Thank you for the opportunity!

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